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Sax Teacher

Rocio is a creative and enthusiastic saxophone teacher
who provides friendly lessons adapted to each individual need,
teaching at every level from advanced players to the absolute beginners,
who will learn music as easy as when they learned to talk.

You will be learning in any style you decide:

- Jazz improvisation
- Light written music
- Famous tunes by ear
- Strict written classical music

Rocio has been teaching on a one-to-one basis since 2004, and in the classroom since 2009, which makes her an excellent educator apart from having a deep knowledge in saxophone performance and techniques gained from experience and study.

Rocio's teaching technique has always followed an organized method with regular follow-ups and revisions, focusing in the learning method of the pupil (visual, aural, intellectual...) and improving every different aspect involved in music playing (sound, technique, rhythm, perofrmance anxiety, etc)


Come and enjoy learning from the very beginning all those tunes that you always wanted to play!
Learn in a friendly environment without stress and deadlines.
Choose you preferred style of music and learn instinctively all the music that is in your head.


Ahaha!! Do not panic.
What you need to do is learn in a relaxed atmosphere the right performance techniques to deal with those nerves.
Have a planned calendar setting reasonable targets and deadlines to deal with all the aspects of the exam.
And finally, learn to practice a positive scenario during your performance.

Prepare for:
                  • ABRSM classical grades (1-8)
                  • ABRSM Jazz grades (1-5)
                  • Trinity grades (1-8)
                  • Highers, Intermediates and A-levels
                  • Other exams and auditions.


Answer this question: did anybody teach you to speak?
the answer is surely no, we all learned by listening to the people who surrounded us and repeating sounds.
Which means that if you are speaking now you can also learn to play by ear all those tunes that are so special to you!
Following the right technique and practice we can all develop the so feared inner ear that is natural in all of us.